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TTT Rules

  • No Racism, insulting or homophobic remarks
  • No cheating (Scripts or exploiting bugs)
  • No advertising (Server or websites)
  • No DDOS threats (Threats will be taken seriously and will result into permanent bans)
  • No impersonating (Do not impersonate staff or players)
  • No innapropriate sprays or user icons
  • No griefing
TTT Rules
  • Do not RDM (Random death match, you must have sufficient evidence to kill players)
  • Do not prop kill
  • Do not metagame (e.g. Telling other players who the traitor is whilst you are dead)
  • Not identifying dead bodies when asked to is a KOSable offence
  • Do not door block or spam doors
  • When picking up a traitor weapon you must announce it clearly to the server
  • No claiming rooms or areas
  • Your name must be understandable to other players (e.g. "BOB DYLAN" and not "^&#!@&")
  • Commiting a traitorous act makes you a Traitor
  • Refusing to be tested by any form of tester is not considered a KOSable offence
Innocent Rules
  • Do not RDM (You can only kill players if their is a KOS callout or sufficient evidence of them being a traitor)
  • Innocent players cannot say they are Traitors (This may lead to being killed and is only your fault and can lead to being slain the next round)
  • Innocent players cannot traitor bait (Randomly shooting or doing acts that leads to them looking like a Traitor)
  • Innocent players cannot camp unless actively playing the game
Detective Rules
  • Detectives must actively play their role of a Detective (E.G Testing players and searching bodies for DNA)
  • Detectives must have sufficient evidence to call a player a Traitor 
  • Detectives cannot kill players for not following their orders
  • Detectives can KOS players based on DNA from a knife

Traitor Rules
  • Traitors must not delay and must actively attempt to complete the objective
  • Traitors cannot kill other traitors or shoot them unless acting in self defense
  • Traitors must not tell other Innocent players who their Traitor buddies are
  • Traitors must not camp areas unless actively playing the game

!report (report a player)
!respond (respond to a report)
!MOTD (brings up the servers MOTD)
!member (Brings up Member Applications Forums)
!workshop (Brings up steam workshop to remove errors)
!website (Brings up Quarantine-Gaming website)
F1 (Brings up your settings)
F2 (Toggles mute on live and spectator players)
F3 (Brings up pointshop)
F7 (Brings up servers MOTD)
F8 (Brings up DamageLogs)
@ (Allows you to talk to admins)

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