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False Slay By Trial-Mod. has done it 3 times now
Name: Trial-Mod QG l Kuna
Reason: This Staff member Slayed me instead of TheBulletKnub twice then gagged me when i tried to talk it out with him. 
this Staff member also falsely slayed me when i killed a T after the T shot me first! then accused me of "Lying about it" And insulted me.
Time: 10:20pm Thursday Night 8/22/2019
I will admit that 1 of the slays the the before death report logs didn't show him. But I slayed you for the reason ha you rdmed me as a T earlier and the logs are below. Also I gagged you for lying and I have had no problems with knub and you saying that parts were meant for I am is a lie when he wasn't the one getting reported. ^.^

If logs don't show I will post them in staff chat if needed
And all is the same logs it just isn't saying it was added

Also you never tried to talk to me you were lying to others and being disrespectful and I never insulted you.

Also I gagged you because you were being disrespectful and than I massaged you if you are ready I play the game and have fun and I would ungag you
Kuna i never swore at you wihtout you swearing at me as well. and as for you calling me a lier if i do not see logs stating that "I killed you" Then i will stick to the fact that it is false and i can promise you that unless you provide me with so called evidence that it is false. ALSO! you did insult me you called me a stupid fucking idiot you also while being a trail moderator ignored the reports on people who RDMED me right infront of you and instead logged off and logged back in again so that the reports would go away. I was RDMED 15 Times by People i reported while you where on and you did nothing about it except let them get away with it. Knub and 3 other people where also RDMED and reported them but you did nothing about it either. so in the long run by calling me a lier you are basicly calling all of them a lier as well. Knub admitted that he was the one who did it yet you target me and have no provided evidence to me. I do not believe you are suited or "Trained" enough to be a staff member but yet that is my opinion. when i joined the server i had so much fun. then? for a staff member to ignore my reports of RDM its just made me and my friends not want to play on the server anymore its depressing!
You do know that reports don't have to be answered straight away we can enjoy the game to we are not slaves that are forced to fix reports straight away and ruin our gameplay and most of the rounds my game was acting up and it keep on crashing and It was hard to answer any reports and the other staff knows how much my acts up. Also I didn't mean lying as in about details reports one is how you were telling people that some reports and how you said the slays were meant for your friend TheBulletknub trying to make it seem like I was targeting you because I hate you which by the way I don't I just wish you wouldn't do certain things. Also there was not 15 reports in the logs. I never saw anyone kill you right in front of you. Also reports don't go when a staff logs off. Also we were having fun before you joined and ruined the fun. Also I only see kunb with you. Also I have been staff for a few weeks and alot of people have said they have enjoyed playing and that I was a good mod and that the server was good and if you don't want to play the server anymore why are you entertaining this post still. Also the other day before you joined we were having a great time until you made parts negative. BTW I am not trail mod

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False Slay By Trial-Mod. has done it 3 times now00