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Have a look and these map suggestions below and vote for the one/s you want the most to be added to the server.

An Absoloute classic map from Zelda. Includes 2 different seasonal versions of the map, the map also features multiple teleporters and pots that you can break open to gain ammo and guns.

A minecraft themed mineshaft map. Features lava pools, minecarts, a traitor tester, jail cells you can lock players in and an easter egg 'Nether/End' area accessible through a teleporter.

A spongebob map with the Krusty Krab and Chum Bucket accessible and fully explorable. Very fun map with spongebob music and many many easter egg activities from the cartoon.

An updated version of the OG minecraft map we all love. This includes a larger middle house, a pirate boat and much more updates to the inside of buildings and Nether, its a must have.

Daycare map with many things to do and easter eggs... and a massive toilet you can explore.
Added minecraft reduxed and krusty krab!

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